Spring Anime 2015 I’m Looking Forward Too

Lita Here, 

The other day I came across the new list for the 2015 spring anime and I have to say I am super excited ❤ 
But it’s probably adding to my continuous watch list my god lol 

The ones I definitely going to watch:

Digimon Adventure Tri
I grew up with digimon like any kid and when I heard about the new series I jumped straight onto the fan train

Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Revolutions
Ahhhhh me and another blogger who I am good friends with are so excited for this to start. I am not one to be into the singing kind of anime shows but this show and it’s songs just captivated me >.< ❤ and  it’s where I developed a major obsession for one of the characters… Ichinose ❤ he’s sooo fine… ahaha lol

Ore Monogatari 
Of course I am going to watch this it’s freaking Shoujo and my favorite anime genre ❤
need I say more 😛

KyuoKai no Rine 
The story really drew me and has ghosts. It’s an anime I am giving a try but I am still excited 🙂

This anime intrigued me a lot and seems different from your typical seeing ghost person kind of anime

These are the ones for now I will be checking out another one. I would love to watch Highschool DxD season 3 but I haven’t seen season 2, So hope to get around to watch that haha lol.

I am very very excited 😀 

Comment below what ones people are watching from the spring anime 2015 



  1. Last night, I watched all of White Album 2 in one sitting, and the ending completely wrecked me. The tragic nature of the ending far outweighed any drama anime I’ve seen before, and that includes anime like CLANNAD: After Story and Anohana.
    After that experience, I was wondering if any other anime out there completely “broke” you. You could call me a masochist in the sense that I like literature that will make me feel extremely sad

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  2. Never heard of these but good for your and your personal tastes. I will looking at My Romantic Teen Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. 2, Seraph of the End, and Is it Wrong to try to pickup Girls in a Dungeon? Let’s hope for the best with the anime.

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