Midnight Secretary Manga Review

Midnight Secretary
Genre: Romance, Supernautral
Published: August 8, 2006May 8, 2009
Volumes: 7

Hello lovelies ❤

Finally time to review another manga I finished this one a while ago after seeing it in my local library. Before anyone goes on to read this it may not people’s cup of tea but it does contain lots of romance and adult stuffies… so if this is not your sort of thing to read then stop reading now lol

It’s hard for me to read a lot of manga because I watch anime more than anything but I always will find the time to no matter what
Oh… the mushy stuff ❤
I do read other genres don’t worry


Miss perfect Saya Satozuka ends being secretary to Mr Kyohei Touma of Touma company. He is a pretty stuck up, bleak kind of boss and always making it hard for Saya. Until she finds out the president of the company is a vampire that’s when she becomes Touma’s no ordinary secretary.

Art Style 

I really love the art style to this manga, I have no quarrel with it ❤
The design on the hard covers of the manga really give the plot of the manga a aluring/dark feel to it. It was one of the first thing that drew me to reading this manga, wasn’t just because it was a romance.

Very detailed throughout the manga everything. I love how detailed Saya’s face it you can see her beautiful eyes they gave her ❤

Overall Thoughts

Oooo lots going on here,
I really enjoyed this manga a lot being a huge romance junkie ❤
*raises hand in no shame*

Before anyone blows off this manga completely it does a lot of drama going on as throughout most of the manga Touha just sees Saya as nothing but his personal food bank. I really connected with her and felt for her when she always let herself be pulled into Touha’s aluring aura about him.
There is a fair bit of technical politic stuff that goes on regarding Touha being the president of his company and having Touha having to deal with all of that. It got me a little confused I have to admit while trying to understand certain parts. I recommend taking your time reading this manga if you choose to read it, their are some parts that may confuse you if you just rush it.

There are so really really sweet moments between Touha and Saya is not all about sex OKAY !!! In the beginning Touha is not like how you see him now with Saya. He is cruel and mean to her of course in the beginning, that’s why it was enjoyable to watch Touha see Saya in a different light other than food. They are really sweet together I think ❤
Touha can seem like a real jackass at times but if his character didn’t have that side, then this manga would have been boring.

I don’t know how Saya did it in the beginning to put up with the crap he put her through but I did think of her as a idiot in the beginning for decided to be his personal secretary. That’s what you get when don’t realize you end liking them really. I loved Saya’s character she had this lovely kind nature about her but moments in the manga you will see her head strong, stubborn side when it came to dealing with Touha.

There were lots of obstacles before these two got together and made it all the more gripping to not put down the book god dam it haha lol I never want to spoil to much when it comes to manga otherwise if reviews revealed every single detail.
NOBODY would read ever I don’t think haha

I give this manga a 8/10
I just thought it was great all round to my liking ❤

if you wish to read this manga click the link below:


Comment below if anyone has read this manga and your thoughts
Hope you enjoyed 🙂



  1. I really liked this manga, but I haven’t heard anyone really talk about it. It has a good story and I enjoyed the romance between the main characters. Good review and keep up the good work.

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  2. OMG. This manga is so good! One of the best I have ever read! Really glad you did this review and that you liked this too!Check my blog out at: lifeofasingaporeastudent.wordpress.com where I also do some anime reviews!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow it’s good to see someone else likes this anime hehe ❤ I checked out your blog it's good hehe I am following you ❤


  3. Heavens I haven’t read this manga in ages! I do remember thinking that she was an idiot in the beginning but by the end liking her lol. I should revisit this manga because I do remember how much I liked the ending as well. So sweet! Haha I’m always curious to see if I’ll have the same reaction after a few years go by.


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