Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 15: Favorite Animal SideKick Pet Or Summoning From Any Anime

Day 15: Favorite Animal SideKick, Pet Or Summoning From Any Anime

I think digimon should be classed as a anime but regardless for this I choose Angewomon ❤ 

All round she is just utterly amazing my god ❤ 
She actually had been a dream cosplay of mine for so long and maybe one day I will get to do her but first I need to shed some more kilo’s I am almost there haha.
Yeh this is pretty short because this character is well loved and she is still classed as a animal sidekick and summoning as she evolves from Gatomon. 
I don’t care if people won’t put her in this category she is who I have chosen ❤

Comment below for those who love this amazing character as much as I do hehe ❤



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