Utawarerumono Anime Review


Anime: Utawarerumono 
Published: April 3, 2006September 25, 2006
Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure
Episodes: 26

Hello lovelies 🙂
Been a couple of weeks since I did an anime review, so I felt like reviewing another old one I don’t know if many would have heard of this one. I bought this anime for my birthday last year as something new to watch. 😀  I did have some mixed feelings about this anime but overall I still liked it.

I have also changed my reviewing style a little so that it’s not like a giant essay from now on. 😛 I know my last one was a essay.


So this anime has a really complicated plot towards the end of the anime which I will never understand. As this anime is based off the video game mostly. I am not going to talk about the part I don’t understand otherwise all our brains will hurt and I don’t think it’s really that important haha.

The story revolves around Hakuoro who is found lying in the forest by a young girl named Elulu. He taken to her village where he is taken in by Elulu’s grandmother Tusukuru and her sister Aruru. He is cared for until he is well again but problem is he has amnesia and can’t remember who he is. Surely enough he is welcomed into the village as one of them, Slowly as the anime goes on he begins to remember who he is and follows into the path of war.


I never included in my previous reviews about any of the music and animation style but I will from now on as that is just as important as the main story 🙂

I really like this opening to this anime ❤
It has such a merry and unique tune it brings to the anime .<

The animation I don’t think is anything special
It’s still beautiful but the average 2000’s animation style it sits in.

My Thoughts

There is so much that goes in this anime it’s not even funny. I don’t even want to run through each character because this would turn into a essay I just want to talk about the things that makes this anime special in it’s own way.

Utawarerumono_07First off I have to start by saying how adorable Elulu and Aruru are they are just so cute

I really grew on these two a lot of everything they went through especially when they lost their grandmother. They remained so strong especially Eruru. She wanted to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps as a healer. Both their personalities just drew me in such sweet, kinda hearted sisters ❤

utawarerumono_14I’m sorry Elulu was my fav out of the sisters ///<

I love the timeset this anime was chosen in feudal aria, It really suits to the unquie name of this anime. It’s definitnately an anime I could never forget.

The atmosphere that is created in the time and age it is set in was done incredibly I think. It always made me sad those moments like this above their would be some peace but then next moment all the characters and everyone is dragged into war and dark times. I found their was a lovely blend of peace and dark times throughout the anime.

One thing that really drew me into this anime was Hakuoro’s leadership as sadly he ends up dragging the village into war and becoming the leader of the village, For Elulu’s grandmother passes on in the anime and chooses Hakuoro’s to be leader. He is always a man with a plan no matter what situation they were all in somehow they would always come out on top, thanks to his brilliant stragety’s. Of course some of the decisions he made were never all that wise but no leader is perfect. I really loved Hakuoro’s character and watching him to discover him bit by bit but it was a quite a surprise on when  you find out what he really is.

I will talk about just a couple of characters I grew fond of:

I loved him throughout the whole anime. He may be reckless and never think things through but he was always so loyal to Hakuoro in the end and would follow him to the ends of the earth. Also his devotion to his sick sister was always so adorable ❤


She joins later in the anime but at first she was enemies with Hakuoro but eventually comes to respect Hakuoro and devotes to being his body guard. Jezzz Hakuoro you have a lot of body guards >.<
I think Touka was always so amazing I just love her hair and those wing ears soo cute.

Being a romantic junkie I am always looking for some kind of romance in any anime no matter how small it may be and I FOUND IT !! It’s not obvious at first but you begin to see Elulu falling for Hakuoro ////<
But I ship these two soo hard.

Eerrghhh more cuteness coming at you.
These two oh my god Aruru and Mutikapa (baby white tiger I think)
He gets to be a big freaking boy my god haha lol

I can’t pick a favorite character for this anime as it’s too hard and there are way too many characters to mention sorry >.<

Overall Rating

I am giving Utawarerumono a 8/10
I think this anime is underated but people should give it a chance. ❤
I admit I was not keen on this anime at first after watching the first few episodes but as the story went on I was slowly drawn in bit by bit. It can see the start of the anime is a bit slow but give it chance.

I think it is a really beautifully crafted anime with some amazing characters and interesting plot. It has a good mixture of tragedy and peaceful times so it’s not all doom and gloom lol

Here is a link for more information on this anime:


This background story to this like I said at the beginning I could not understand so I’m not really worried about it. For those who wish to know then that link will tell you everything 🙂

Let me know in the comments below if anyone has seen this anime/ I would love to know your thoughts ❤

Hope you enjoyed this review and gave you some insight 😀

I try my best haha 🙂


7 thoughts on “Utawarerumono Anime Review

  1. YES. One of the most underrated anime of all time. The OVA is fucking ecchi tho. It was a good ride, ending wrapped up pretty nicely. #Kamyubestdevil

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t seen the Ova yet But I’m glad someone loves this anime too 🙂 it is freaking underrated I am the voice for underrated animes

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, me too~ The animations are a bit repetitive tho. But that doesnt matter, since the VAs are awesome~~~~ Kugimiya Rie, Sawashiro Miyuki… Damn

        Liked by 1 person

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