Lita Kino’s Special Anime Bloggers Giveaway

Some of you guys may be jumping for joy after reading the title and it is all true hehe


Why would you do this Lita?

Ever since I started my blog about a month ago now I think, I have enjoyed running this blog so much and have met some amazing anime people through it. I still want to meet more !!!!!

So I wanted to do something special for the amazing anime bloggers here on wordpress, fellow anime fans and hoping my prized possessions that are apart of this giveaway go to a good anime home. Which I am most certain they will 🙂

Plus I thought it be fun hehe ❤

Soo these are the following prizes up for grabs and Only One Winner will win all this:

WIN_20150228_173154Shugo Chara Clock (comes with hands and batteries)

WIN_20150228_173030Some Final Fantasy Figurines

WIN_20150228_172914Tsubasa Chronicles Manga Books 1 + 2

WIN_20150228_1731352 How to draw manga books

WIN_20150228_182840Fairytail and Cardcaptor Sakura Posters

Pretty cool prizes if you ask me muahhh !!

So to enter this giveaway all you have to do is the following:

– Follow/or already following either me on this blog, my instagram or subscribe to my youtube
(if you subscribe to my youtube make sure you set it to public so I can see)
My Anime Blog:
My instagram:
My Youtube:
– Answer the following question: What anime means most to you emotionally and why?
– Comment below in the comments section on where you have followed me and your answer to the question.

I’ve never done a giveaway before so I’ve made it as simple as possible ❤

The giveaway ends on: 28th March 2015
This giveaway is open to international people 🙂 

Soo you have a fair while to enter !!!

Good luck guys !!!
Feel free to share this around if you wish 🙂



  1. i followed you on this blog (i think i did at least, i clicked follow and entered my email) and the most emotionally attached i was to an anime would be probably (real cliche) but akame ga kill, it was the first anime that actually made me remotely teary eyed and i got really attached to the characters i could empathize with akame and loved lobbo and just i was so sad after it was over, it really made an impact

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  2. I followed this account because my friend told me of it and I really liked it when I saw it. The anime that I am most emotionally attached to is Say “I Love You”. Kinda weird but I really love it because it shows all the ups and downs of a real relationship. It also is not one were they just imminently fall in love, it shows Mei falling in love with Yamato. I really wish there would be another season were they go around doing silly things and have fun little dates together ^-^.

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  3. Hello Lita Kino, I have been following your blog for about two months now. I have enjoyed your reviews and your journey to get Final Fantasy Unlimited on DVD. Well to answer the question “What anime means emotionally to you and why?” To answer the question I am stuck between two answers Eureka Seven and Gurren Lagann.

    Gurren Lagann and Eureka Seven are anime series that have a lot of memories with them. Both of those series were completed during two separate midnight marathons with my friends, but my love for these series go deeper.

    Gurren Lagann is a great series and without giving anything away. Through its over the top humour and action there are genuine moments of sadness that ground the show into reality. It is like the show is saying life is goofy and fun, but it can be hard and when you push through the pain you can become a better person.

    Eureka Seven I first saw on TV when I was in elementary school. I didn’t really watch anime at the time, I was growing out of it and decided to watch it because nothing else was on. I was pleasantly surprised, the show had such emotion and looked AMAZING! The feeling I found from the show love through perseverance. I have always been a hopeless romantic, I enjoy a good love story, but this show showed the audience that love isn’t easy. The characters Renton and Eureka fought with each other, and were upset with each other. They were real people and who doesn’t enjoy seeing people fall in love, even after all these years it is still one of my favourite anime.

    Well sorry for the long email, I thought if you were going to use your money and ship something internationally I should give you a long answer. Also I want to thank you, without the question I would not have thought about the two anime like this… side note I will probably use these answers in my future reviews of these shows. Anyway I hope you have great day and thank you.

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      1. Naww >//////> really ️hehe wow I feel really speechless today with all this niceness lol ohh yes finish it but it’s hard to when we all have anime we have not finished yet

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  4. I really like the anime movie Howl’s Moving Castle. 🙂 It’s one of the anime movies that made me an otaku. It has magic and wonders and ….. it’s hard for me to say this…. romance. C, I’m not really the kind of a romance person but this movie is awesome to me. It may not sound as awesome but I’ve only started watching anime last 2 years. Don’t judge me!! X)

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  5. To be honest, I had not known about you until the giveaway, but as I perused through your reviews, it turns out you like a lot of the same anime I like!

    I think that the anime that means the most to me would have to be Princess Tutu. The story is just beautiful, the characters are complex, and the plot and ending is heartwrenching.

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  6. HELLO 😀 I am here to submit my entry hehe ^^ as you know, I have followed you on this blog and Instagram yay! 🙂 Hmm, the anime that means the most emotionally to me would be Code Geass. It was not my first anime, but it was the anime that got me into serious anime watching. Before Code Geass, I had never known that such a wonderful medium existed that could allow me to experience such a range of emotions: excitement, happiness, laughter, fear, tears, revelation and wonder. Code Geass has a really complex story which blew my mind because I was literally adrenaline-filled during my marathon on it; and it contains a whole lot of scenes which made me bawl like a baby. It also has a large cast of characters with many different personalities and motivations, and when … things happened, I realised I was so emotionally invested with the characters that all my emotions were brought to the peak, and overflowed 🙂 Not only were the scenes impactful and emotional, it has made me think a lot about anime and literary and symbolic themes explored in anime (like the morality of war, justice and sacrifice). Even now, exactly 3 years later, it has remained the only anime I have ever rewatched, and I still tear up now when I hear certain soundtracks of the OST and some of the OPs 🙂


  7. It was absolutely so hard to nail down the anime that I loved from my whole lifetime of watching tons of anime but it will have to be Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Code Geass R2.

    It is the only anime where I identified with the main character. The main male character Lelouch Lamperouge. I totally got it when he chewed out his parents for abandoning him and always never taking into account his children’s feelings. I literally cried a little with that scene. It could be Johnny Yong Bosch gave such an intense emotional performance. But anyway. I love and I know I will always be forever grateful to Code Geass since that little theme of parental abandoned kind of made me see something in my own life. Talk about hitting close to home. I follow your blog now and I followed your Youtube Channel. Keep up the aniblogging or youtubing, please.

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  8. Well Hai there Mwahahzhzhahh I followed you on YouTube I’ve been there since your started YouTube so this is a big opportunity(⌒▽⌒) and plus I never had anything anime before I just draw anime! My favorite anime :Tokyo Ghoul. Why? 1.I’m a sucker for anime boys with white hair and masks so he ish perfect XD. Hmm tbh I don’t know what else to say HIIIII HAVE A COOL DAY~ sorry if this is long my dearie

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  9. Hello, Lita Kino
    I am curious to know who won the contest. If you want to keep it private that is fine. I am just a curious man and this has been driving me crazy.


    1. Ahh Hello there I have been busy that I have not got around to dealing with the giveaway tonight I will be posting a video about the winner 🙂

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