LitaKinoLife: Ehhh Life and updates

WIN_20150224_210020I look so pretty >.< lol

What’s up everyone 😀
Thought it was time to give an update on where I am at and anime wise.
I am glad recently I have been able to be more active ever since I finished my course and been able to actually have time to read other people’s posts n such.

I won’t be posting everyday in the month of march as I have some UK family coming over from england for a month. Which I am excited about ❤

I shall do my best to post when I can  as I would really like to but probably won’t happen >.< until then I might just go mad writing as much as I can  😀 while still trying to look for work which has sucked but ehhh life.

I pretty much feel like this lately:

Lack sleep has not done me any favors especially with other things I am trying to sort out recently.

I am hoping to have a new anime review up this week as I am trying once a week to review something because I have so much I want to write >.< The inner inspired me feels like going CRAZY !!! I’m sure some bloggers can relate haha lol

If anyone who is like me and has always no money you know what that means:


I am just freely complaining here a little so don’t mind me.
Well this where we should be all thankful for such thing has the internet indeed which I am but in my house internet use is restricted x.x curse them parents lol

Anyway anime wise for me I have just been keeping up with the usual Fafner, Kamisama Kiss S2, Sailor moon crystal and fairytail which I am only slowly catching up now. I am trying to finish the wallflower currently and hopefully review that as I am dying too great series 😀

I have also been debating where to start up a twitter account for my blog. I have noticed others using this useful social media, in honesty I am not a fan of twitter but maybe another way to connect with us
I would love anyone’s opinion 😀

Soooo that’s pretty much all for now I think it’s nice for me to do this kind of update thing, adds flavor to my blog I think. I treat this place as a personal cave for me alone. Hopefully though by the start of march I’ll have a new haul of anime which I will share with you on here because of course I must 😀 ❤

Feel free to follow me on instagram, tumblr, and youtube where I am most active these days.
Also I noticed new followers which have appeared recently I….

WELCOMEEEEE YOU !! To my humble blog and hope you enjoy !!

That’s all for now Lita is out


4 thoughts on “LitaKinoLife: Ehhh Life and updates

  1. Twitter can be useful, but I’d really recommend a google plus page if you don’t have one already! It’s a lot easier to connect with other anime lovers and publicise your content there IMO


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