New Rating System For Reviews

New Review Rating System

I realized when I started this blog I never put in place a rating system >.<
Yay dummy award over here >.<
I rate all of my anime out of 10 and I really don’t know what it means when I say 5 /10 So I thought to solve the problem I’ll put in place a new rating system. This post is kind of a reminder for me lol
I have used scoring system as a guide as I can’t come up with a good rating system on my own lol

1/10 –  Just Horrible

2/10 –  Very Bad

3/10 –  Bad

4/10 –  It was okay

5/10 – On Average

6/10 – It was Fine

7/10 –  Good

8/10 – Really Great

9/10 – Amazing

10/10 – Masterpiece

I think this system is pretty fair and will be easier for me to rate anime now based upon my own opinion


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