Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 8: Favorite Anime Couple

[Zero-Raws] Aquarion Evol - 09 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC)[21-37-45]Day 7: Favorite Anime Couple 

Oh god dam it >/////<
This is hardest by far to answer it’s hard for any anime girl fan. I have taken one of my top 10 favorite anime couples and  based this question all upon on the personality and journey of the characters during the anime series which I mostly enjoyed ❤

Mikono X Amata From Aquarion Evol

When I look at these pair they are so just so dam cute together my god ❤ 

I love this anime a lot ❤ I haven’t seen the first season of it yet which I’ll get around to eventually but from the beginning it’s was quite obvious these two would get together. ❤ I loved watching them grow into two more confident people towards the end of the anime. They are both very similar in personality not really knowning who they are, feeling insignificant and don’t have much courage. When they watch them they just meld together so well.

One of my favorite parts was when Mikono would get jealous when another girl named Zessica would puts the moves towards Amata. See Amata has this power he can’t control and just the smallest move from a girl or when he’s happy , he goes flying up into the air like this:

>////< Nyaaaaa so cute ❤ This scene is really adorable

hehe Mikono getting jealous is quite funny and of course Amata always has no clue of what to do. I truly love this pairing a lot and the last scene of them together towards the end of the anime is really beautiful ❤

For more information on the anime:

Feel free to comment if you have seen this anime or like this pairing ❤
I would totally recommend checking out the anime itself it has mecha, robots and romance 😉



  1. I personally thought the whole transformation thing was totally hilarious because its based on love and hormonal attraction (and sex?? iirc) or something along those lines and they were all floating around naked with those colourful backgrounds and … it was just this great LOL for me xD

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