Lita Kino’s Top 6: Anime Couples I Will Never Support

Hello Lovelies ❤

Been a while since I did a top anything and this time I was inspired after reading a certain post this week by Chibimajo. Where they talk about anime couples they will never support and don’t care for. I found their post really interesting here’s the link for you to check it out:

Top 7: Anime Couples I Don’t Care For

Being a huge romance junkie it got me thinking about couples I will never support either so I thought why not write about it. The following couples I have chosen for certain reasons and I just don’t think should be together period. I’m just voicing my own opinion on this particular topic.

Here is my list 6 being lucky to be 6 and 1 is the worst couple to me ever:

6. Risa x Dark From D.N Angel

I loveeeeeeee x.x D.N Angel awesome anime but one thing that struck me first thing was quickly how Risa fell for Mr Dark. Haha it was so not obvious it was going to happen. I really thought as I got more into the anime they would end up together but thank god >.< Just no !!! I don’t mind Risa’s character sure she is your average selfish, spoiled kid but just her attitude with Dark just annoyed the hell out of me. I just could not support these two if they were have to have gotten together in the anime I know Risa would always hold Mr Dark back. Risa is too needy !!!

Coming in—— >  at 5. Alto x Sheryl From Macross Frontier

I know technically in the anime Alto never choses a girl persay but everyone knows it would have been Sheryl in end if it had lent that way. Everytime someone says “Yes Alto and x Sheryl” I go fume up like a boiler on hot rise. HELLL NO !!!! I am not trying to be overly mean here but seriously Sheryl x.x sure in the anime you begin to feel sorry for her because of what happens to her. Again she craves to be at the centre of attention and just being all over Alto all the time annoyed me soo much >.< I could never support these two I am RANKA AND ALTO OTP PERSON !!!

I get a bit meaner up to this point 4. Kyo x Kagura From Fruit Baskets

I love Kyo and Kagura as characters, they bring their own flare to the anime but if you have seen the anime…. you might have a clue of how Kagura shows her love. I would hate to be Kyo… x.x Sadly I could never support them Kagura just annoys the crap out of me when she goes into over love mode I call it. It’s hilarious as anything but just way to over the top for me. I think most people know these guys would never work out peroid. I am probably being softer with this rating because it’s fruit baskets but they are still my No. 4 choice.

Meany comes out 3. Hagu x Shuji From Honey and Clover

I never really enjoyed this anime much, the whole story never really gripped me but one couple towards the end that did get together was these two. Hagu is 18 years old in the anime but she appears to look 7 (she really does look 7 childish) and Shuji is Hagu’s realtive I think her father’s cousin. I never liked the art style in this anime and Hagu’s face always bugged me so much it looked weird….. x.x I just find this coupling so weird really do. If you watch this anime you would see this…. Creepy all round….. Hagu looks like a  7 year old child but she is 18 again creeepy.

Oh I love my choosing for this one at 2. Inuyasha and Kikyo From Inuyasha 

I love Inuyasha it was one of the very first few animes I ever watched. It will always be a favorite of mine. however what I never supported from the start was Kikyo and Inyuasha. ARGHHHHHH NO !!!! I don’t care if people feel sorry for Kikyo when she was resurrected and have to live off human souls in order to remain alive. I’ll put this plainly Kikyo is a Bitch who wouldn’t want to take their lover with them to the other side. I never took pity on her to me she was just a useless character who in the end never found happniess anyway. I am so glad they never wound up together in the end.
>////< Just noooooo I would have felt horrible for Kagome if that had happened. Though I’ll say stupid Inuyasha too for never being able to make up his mind lol

*drum roll* Finally Lucky No 1. Mitsuki and Takayuki From Rumbling Hearts

This anime is a really sad anime you will need a tissue box if noone has watched it. There is a lot of love triangle and tragedy that goes on in this anime but I still love this anime. However even now I cannot, never will support these two cheaters they are both as bad as each other. Originally Takayuki is dating Haruka Mitsuki’s best friend but after a tragic accident she goes into a coma. Here is Mitsuki makes her perfect opportunity to pounce on Takayuki and…..Nab !! Throughout the whole anime watching this two just made me feel like a boiler about to explode. I kept thinking HOW CAN THEY CAN CARRY ON LIKE THIS WHILE HIS EX GIRLFRIEND AND HER BEST FRIEND IS IN A COMA !! There is more to the story a bit after but I really don’t think it matters. Both of these two I find quite pathetic they have no assurance on what they want in their relationship and where it’s going, really you just see them looking depressed half the time in the whole anime.  Sooo this is why they are my no 1 couple I will never ever support !!!

Cheaters !!! >..<

So there is my top 6 anime couples I will never support.

I know I may have sounded harsh in some areas but I was just voicing my opinion feel free to comment below your thoughts I would love to know ❤

Till next time



  1. ahaha i never knew you felt so strongly about alto x sheryl xD i remember i was fuming a lot after the ending of Macross Frontier though i tried to rationalise their pairing so that i could accept it (though i never watched the movie, too much for me)

    and i agree that hagu x shuji was really one of the weirder pairings i had seen in a while.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, don’t get me started on this love triangle. Kagome shouldn’t have left her family, and got together with her classmate. And the ending was so lame. In the manga, the guilt Inuyasha feels for ” choosing ” Kikyo ( yeah, he did choose her ) still lingers, and that little fox doesn’t make him forget. I find it tragic that Kagome had to leave her famiy for this scoundrel.


      2. I haven’t read much of the manga I am so behind only have the first two ombious volumes. I am glad he didn’t choose kikyo but at the same time kagome put herself through false hope and ache >.>


  2. He actually chose Kikyo, and they would have been together had Kikyo not ” died ” the second time. It’s so obvious that he loves her very much. He knows Kikyo is only alive because she absorbs the souls of dead people, and he also knows there’s nothing inside Kikyo… no heart, intestines, etc… because she’s made entirely of clay, but despite that he chooses Kikyo over a Kagome who is very much alive. So, no.


      1. More often than not, animes change the mangas’ storylines, to he point that readers’ views towards couples chane, as well. In the manga, Inuyasha ”s actions are even more hurtful . It’s the same thing with Itazura na Kiss. The main guy’s obnoxious behavior is so much milder than in the manga’s. His meanness is unacceptable . This couple shouldn’t have gotten together, either.


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