First Manga Review: Harlequin Pink Idol Dreams

Wohoooo first manga review finally !!!!

I have been wanting to do a manga review for ages now just could never find the time to write it. I decided when I review manga I will do it differently from how I write anime reviews. I’d like to keep my manga reviews short and sweet so it gets right to the point.

I mostly love reading a lot of romance manga especially shoujo >////< I do read other types as well. I am just a slow manga reader because I don’t want to miss any detail hehe.

Soooo to the point my first review is from a author I adore for her series Charlotte Lamb. She created these adorable short romance manga books known as harlequin ginger blossom. These books I think are very unique as they all printed in either violet or pink ink. It makes reading them soo much more enjoyable I find ❤


Its about a young girl Quincy who reluctantly agrees to a publicity stunt date with an international popstar known as Joe. Quincy is not impressed by the real joe beneath his pop star act but she begins to see there is much more possible than meets the eye. 

Art Style 

See all the pink !!!!!! >/////< 

The art style is just stunning and really just brings each and every story to life in this particular manga series. I wish more mangas were in individual colored ink !!!!! The art is by Yoko Hanabusa who is a very famous shojo manga artist !!!


Ahhhhh look it !!!!!! >/////< 

Overall thoughts

I really loved this particular short story. It’s just one of those good short romance manga stories you can read before you go to bed. I love the personality that was created for Quincy very stubborn which I found amusing. It’s rare to find this manga in paperback edition, I randomly came across this one on ebay for like $6 o.o bargin there !!!! Sadly I can’t find anywhere online for anyone to read it which sucks. I’ll do some hunting and see if I can find anything. 

But if you really want to read it you can buy it from ebay and amazon I did a search myself and they are dirt cheap too. I highly recommend adding this into any girls manga collection ❤ 

Hope you enjoyed my first anime review and

Please comment if you have read this manga or like this series would love to know 🙂 


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