Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 2: Favorite Anime I have watched so far

Day 2: Favorite Anime I have watched so far

I’d say the most recent I have watched so far that has been my favorite is the wallflower. I am still currently watching it though but regardless I had watched this anime years ago and thought it be nice to rewatch it. I am so glad I did forgot how funny and hilarious this anime truly is.

The story is based around 4 guys who are made a offer they cannot refuse of free rent where they would live in this huge mansion. The only catch the owner of the mansion wants them to turn her niece Sunako into a lady…. Not hard right.. lol Oh boy they are wrong.

I don’t want to say no more because I think watching the anime can speak for itself. The show kind of reminds me of full metal panic very crazy and full on. Here is a link for more information on this anime:

Please comment below if you have seen this anime would love to know your thoughts !!
I highly recommend watching this anime if you need a good laugh !!!


  1. I think it’s YAMATO NADESHIKO. I’ve watched this anime. It’was aired in the Philippines television. Then, I also already watched the live action in the internet. It’s fun! Yes, I had a good laugh. Lita! we have a lot in common in anime ! ^^~ Happy Valentines day anyway! ^^~ ā¤

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    1. Yes that’s right I forgot to put up the japanese name for it haha lol I didn’t know there was a live action lol wow oh we do anime wise?? O.o oh awesome XD You too dear not that I really celebrate it anyway lolb

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  2. It’s been a while since I’ve watched Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge! I also watched the live action drama too. It was so cute.
    I like the 30 day challenge of your. Would you mind if I also did it.

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