Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 1: Very First Anime You Watched


Hello one and all !!!

So to keep my blog alive for a while when I have my busy periods I decided to do the anime challenge which I think I will be fun I haven’t ever done this before. soo thought why not !!!!!

Soooo let’s goooo !!!! weeheeeeeeee

Very First Anime You Watched !!!Β 

The very first anime I watched was angelic layer πŸ™‚ :


An old friend (who I am not friends with no longer x.x) she got me into anime in the first place. Soon after I had seen all of the sailor moon series she introduced me to angelic layer. It was at first hard for me to understand the plot, I was thinking what the hell is going on…. (newbie anime fan reaction). As soon as I watched the first episodes of this anime I was in love with anime there and then. I think this anime was the best first anime to start of watching such a fun loving storyline it has ❀

This anime means so much as my parents funnily enough went to the anime store in the city and bought it. Haha going into the store wow my parents surprised me…. >.< Yeh they bought my first anime ever.Β 

It’s basically about a girl name Misaka who has moved from her little home town to main tokyo city to live with her aunt. There she is roped into this sport/compeition known as angelic layer, using amazing technology developed people are able to battle each other using there own personalized doll or otherwise known as their “Angel”. They are able to do this by wearing a special headset and using the power of the imagination to control them. The story revolves around young Misaka and her journey in the sport.

I totally recommend checking out angelic layer especially for those who are just starting out watching anime. I think it’s a great introduction anime.

Here’s the link to more information about the anime:

Thanks for reading ^_^


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