Lita Kino Life: Anime Tag Vlog

This is how I feel currently x.x
Herro there peeps…. It is I Lita lol

This week has been a pain in the butt and trying to find the strength to write for here has been literally zero x.x soo busy stuff you busy life right now x.x haha lol

I finally managed to catch up on anime I am currently watching especially my beloved fairytail ❤ because Fairytail is the bomb my bros 😛 Purchasing anime wise my wallflower collection 2 came the other day which i’ll start on next week. I have my eye on some anime currently I want to purchase as usual I do but may get that within the next week.

Manga wise I haven’t read much recently accept a mini romance series I got off ebay for like $6 which I’ll review this week. I believe I have not done any manga reviews yet.

The whole point of this was I finally got around to doing my first anime tag video. It gives you all an insight into me and my anime crazniess. Feel free to follow me on Youtube for upcoming anime related vlogs I have planned.

Updates may be slow from me over the next week so bare with me x.x
It is annoying I wanna write STUFF !!!

Please let me know your thoughts on my video if you wish !! hopefully gives you an insider to me !!



  1. hello! this is your first vlog that i have seen; had no idea what a vlog was before this (excuse my noobness :/) but its so cool that your parents actually got anime for you (and it turned out to be sth you loved!)

    but that was really fun and cool 🙂 could see how fan-girly you get when talking about anime you really like haha! 😀


    1. haha its all good I have been making videos on youtube since last april I believe. Yussss !! I freaking love angelic layer and my parents bought it me makes it extra special could never part with it XD

      Nawww thankyou XD anime is always on the brain with me lol

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