Midori Days Anime Review

midori days
Anime: Midori Days/Midori no Hibi
Published: April 3, 2004June 26, 2004
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 13

Lita Here ^___^
Yay I’m back with another review for you all
I am doing one close to my heart it’s my favorite romantic, comedy anime and I think you guys will like this too !!
About time I did this review 🙂


Meet Seiji Sawamura a guy who has struck out 20 times on trying to get a girlfriend, he is the most feared person in his school for always getting into fights with his demon right hand and just an unlucky guy really. Underneath is tough exterior he really is a nice guy who likes to defend the weak and just wants a girlfriend. One day these thoughts plague his mind and suddenly he hears a voice….a girl’s voice but where does it come from. His right hand….. Yes a girl is his right hand now Midori Kasugano and soo the fun begins.

My Thoughts

After watching this anime for the first time it began my instant favorite comedy romance and I am going to tell you why I think it is and why you will love it too ❤
I think the plot of the story was just a brilliant concept idea when I read about the plot I laughed so much haha… a girl for a right hand how could that type of plot not draw you in. Everything surrounding the main plot just made the anime mold together so well especially with the characters and their personalities.

I really love both the opening and ending theme songs. They are just so cute and I don’t know fit really well with the anime have a listen ❤

This anime wouldn’t be as entertaining as it is without the characters like one of our main characters Seigi Sawamura

Seiji’s character is just brilliant I think all round. I always feel sorry for him getting into situations that are not his fault I think every anime has a character like that. Sadly he is it lol. The whole demon right hand thing he had going on oh man is where I laugh my ass off so much, also when he gets pissed off I laugh even more. Every time I have watched this anime over and over I always laugh the same no matter what at him. I guarntee anyone will love Seji Sawamura !!!!

One of my favorite characters in the series has to be Seiji’s sister Rin….she looks friendly doesn’t she towards Seiji

 Oh don’t be fooled by her smile she is really evil and loves nothing more than torturing poor Seiji to death. It is really hiliarious some of their scenes together my god. I don’t wanna spoil anything for you readers so I won’t say anything about it. She brings the flavor of a tough ass, drunk, evil sister to the anime.

One character I think was essential in this anime to add more craziness was Takamizawa……x.x

The crazy doll lover I would call him… you will love him and marion his puppet doll….oh yeh >.> at first I found him incredibly annoying but as the series went on he was just a hiliarious addition and glad a character like this was included in the anime. My favorite parts of him were when Seiji wanted to about kill him LOL

Ooo he’s dead meat lol

Takako was a character that surprised me a lot at first I never liked her for her up herself attitude but again as the series went on I loved her character. She changes a lot as a person from the beginning and was really fun to watch. I love her headstrong yet shy personality. I feel sorry for her towards the end of the anime you will see why. lol

Hehe the most enjoyable part of this whole anime was the growing relationship between Seiji and Midori. These two were just a joy to watch as Midori was not a girl Seiji was used to and especially all the love Midori gave Seiji I always felt sorry for her. Seiji couldn’t take on Midori’s love due to her being his right hand. Even with her being Seiji’s right hand Midori showed her determination to not be a burden to Seiji. Midori has a special place in my heart as she was the most enjoyable to watch grow and just her whole character how can you not fall in love with her look at her:

I guarntee you will love Midori. I really don’t want to spoil anything about this anime I can’t >/////<
I cannot pick a favorite character to this anime as I love them all ❤

Overall rating


Of course this series gets 10/10
Flawless plot and hiliarious characters what more could you want to be honest 😀
The theme that I felt that spoke in this anime was having confidence in yourself which as portrayed through Midori splendidly.
I would recommend watching this series in english dub. I have to give credit to the english dubs for bringing this series to life. I prefer the english dub ❤
Here’s a link for you to watch it if you choose to do so:

Link to anime

I hope you enjoyed my review this one was long overdue >.<
Please comment below if you have seen this anime and what you thought of it !! would love to know 😀
Till next time



      1. Its pretty much about the two main characters seiji and midori where midori became seijis right hand because she wished for it and came true. she could never approach seiji beforehand because she was shy and shy to tell him how she felt.


      2. No she is real if you watch the anime it will explain it all clearly. the anime is easier to understand I guarantee.


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