Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor: Exodus Episodes 2 & 3 Review

Anime: Sokyu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor
Published: January 2015 currently airing
Genre: Romance, Mecha, Robots
Sequel to: Fafner in the Azure: Heaven and Earth
Episodes: 26

Lita Here ^_^
*breathes heavily* Finally….Finally

I had time to catch up on this series I have decided to review this whole anime as the episodes comes out because waiting for a sequel to this anime was a long long time….. >.<

I know this anime was not on the winter fall 2015 list but who cares really. I shall be doing my bestest to show anyone who may be keen to check out this show. It’s shows like fafner that just make me more determined to give it a chance to shine too 🙂

So last episode we were left off with this giant hurricane which I knew was the enemy Festum the big ugly golden things there is a picture of one from my last review. They were chasing the pilots, their captain and a young girl from the human fafner forces. The tatsumiyajima fafner pilots after two years of peace, once again piloted the fafner mark elf’s. I felt sorry for them at that part as all they want to do is live in peace. I love their island it is full of humble people hehe. I think Fafner really does have a difficult, detailed plot to follow and I think anyone who watches this will feel the same. I was like that after I watched fafner for the first time but regardless the whole story just is so interesting and I think really draws you in.

I’ll explain the Tatsumiyajima island is not a ordinary island it is completely cut off from the outside world because of it’s unique defensive structure and cloaking ability, because of this they were not a target of the festum. It all changed though when their island was discovered and the festum attacked. It was their the hidden technology fafner mark elf was activated and a few young individuals were chosen to pilot these machines in a fight against the enemy.  Sadly because of this other humans discovered them and wanted to harness their technology so then their island was taken over without much regard for how people on the island felt.

That’s why in this scene here in episode 2:

Ignore the subs x.x

 Before I blab on the human forces fafner pilots and the island fafner pilots did ended up aiding each other to defeat the festum. Anyway the human forces pilots are save and come onto the island, in this scene this one of the island pilots (can’t remember her name there is that many names :P) gets upset of how one of the human force pilots billy rambles on about how come they kept the island hidden away all this time. He was basically accusing the island and the people of not caring about noone but themselves. She got upset because of when other humans came to the island and took over their tiny island for themselves and gave no regard for them.

(Oh my hurts my head writing all the complicated stuff x.x I hope people understand what I am writing if not I am sorry haha)

I could understand where the girl was coming from having seen the first season already.

One interesting to find out was one of my favorite characters Maya has a younger brother which is this dude one of the human forces pilots: He reminds me of a dude from gundam seed destiny can’t remember his name x.x
Maya reaction was a bit blunt and unsurprised. I guess I would be too but seems her personality was a bit bland in episode 2 when this scene occurred.

I know Mr Kazuki wont’ be a cook forever and somewhere in this series he will get behind the wheel of the fafner machine once again. I can tell something big will happen with him. He is the best pilot on the island 🙂 Kazuki can deny it as much as he wants but I think he’ll give in to his desired fighting feelings.

I did still get a little lost in the plot in these two episodes so far I can tell towards the end of episode three they have chosen three new pilots to pilot fafner machines. I’ll just say right now the island has a strange system of choosing their pilots they only choose young people. The amount of tests they have to go through to get elected to become a fafner pilot is boy hard. When any pilots are chosen the parents are notified O.o I would hate that if it was my child to know they are so young and going into battle. Screwed up system if you ask me lol.

I’ll explain about the picture above the island tatsumiyajima has a core known as Tsubaki which is her above she is human and that is all I can understand. There is one scene where the girl I mentioned that was in the plane being chased by the festum she is the human forces core also. I can’t remember her name either. But both of them can connect to each other. The scene that confused me was the girl tried to “I think” ask for Tsubaki’s help to give them a new power or something. Something did happen which was these glowy things appeared called cores and I think they are part of the power to operate the fafner machines.

Anyway sooo yeh a bunch of things happened x.x
I will say sorry if my review is a bit confusing to understand but I tried my best to explain feel free to comment below if i got anything wrong because I am not good at understand really complicated anime plots 😛

Regardless of all that I still enjoyed these episodes and can’t wait to see this series through still. If you anyone is still confused about this whole anime check out this link below. It is a review I came across on the first series of fafner and it is very simple and easy to understand so check it out:

If you wish to watch this series I can currently watching it on this link below:

Hope you enjoyed my review !! 😀


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