Studio Ghibli: The Cat Returns Review

Movie: The Cat Returns/Studio Ghibli 
Release Date: July 19th 2002
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure

Who doesn’t love Studio Ghibli ♥:

Mimi thinks so too >.<

I always forget every time I go to the anime store to get this movie. >.<
This film is my favorite out of all studio ghibli collection ♥


Meet Haru a shy and unsure young girl who is very unsure in her life currently and has no real ambitions or dreams. One day she ends up saving a cat from nearly getting hit by a car. You think “silly cat” Infact this cat talks he is Prince Lune of the cat kingdom. Prince Lune thanks her with an array of unusual gifts and somehow the princes “hand in marriage” is bought into all of it. Haru left feeling in dismay she ends up hearing a strange voice telling her to find “The Cat Burea”  and they will be able to solve her problem. She ends up following a white fat cat named Muta and meeting Baron who lives at The Cat Burea and so the adventure begins….

My Thoughts

Awwww Man I love Studio Ghibli haha sorry I had to say it again hehe ♥♥
Don’t get me wrong I love all of the movies but the cat returns holds a special place in my heart I have rewatched it over ten times >/////<

After the first time I watched it I was hooked to it what first I think drew me in was the whole plot of the story. I thought it was an adorable idea to have a cat kingdom and where they all talked that brought the magic I believe to the movie. I loved the art style they drew the cats, it made all of them very expressive and full of so much personality.

I still laugh at the whole body guard cat thing, the way all the cats walked was hilarious. We are so regal everybody and all that jazz !!!

The whole animation of the move was flawless I could not fault anything. In each and every sceneI believe there was magic no matter what was happening. I’d say my favorite art style was when Haru comes upon the The Cat Kingdom for the first time it is such a pretty landscape that had been created. It made me want to go to the Cat Kingdom and lie in all of the catnip grass like Haru got to >.>

Of course what made this movie so easily lovable is the characters one in particular I must say really bought the charm and real magic to the movie was Baron. I may at the end of the movie had a bit of a crush on him…. >///< when you watch the movie girls you may end up too hehe. I love how they englished him up with his voice, clothes EVERYTHING !!! that just added to his charm. The english dub voice for Baron was a perfect choice Cary Elwes you were a perfect fit for the role you really were. I would follow Baron anyway and his so helpful advice. I loved how he gave Haru advice it’s like your their with him and he’s giving you the advice instead. ♥♥

Ahhhh Look at him hehe >.<

If you didn’t know the cat returns is taken from one of the other Ghibli movies “Whisper Of The Heart” you end up seeing Mr Baron in this movie but he’s a figurine. Def check out that movie too !!!

You will all love Muta I think the movie would loose it’s funniness without him in it. He is a cool, food loving fat cat okay thought he can be one grumpy ass but that’s apart of his charm haha !!!!

Ahhh I just Prince Lune and Yuki soo adorable that’s all ♥♥

and yes who can forget the king of the cat kingdom The Cat King lol I loved the jazzy, laid back personality they have him he was just so funny with some of the things he did (But I won’t spoil thing) but I did not like the way his eyes were done just makes him look creepy I still find him creepy >.<

I’d say one of my favorite scenes in this whole movie (being a romance junkie) is when Baron is carrying Haru and she looks up at him and then Baron asks her what’s wrong, of course she saids nothing. She turns away blushing >/////< It’s just a really cute scene saying “He’s kinda handsome I never noticed before noooooo” haha I’m not crushing on a cat noooo lol

Favorite Character

Hehe this one is easy of course it goes to Haru our main character of the story.
I love how kind natured she is and always so polite, yet will stand her ground when necessary. She was so enjoyable to watch as she grew more confident in herself and began to believe in herself. I really admired her and I kind of wanted to be like her. She was almost me in so many ways. I will cosplay her someday she is on my list hehe. I actually had no idea for the english dub version Anna Hathaway who is one of my favorite characters was the voice of Haru >///< I thought casting her to be Haru was a perfect choice.

Overall Rating

MASSIVE 10/10 Of course
it’s my favorite movie from the Ghibli series but it’s not getting that rating for that reason alone. What I love most about all the Studio Ghibli movies is they always leave some life lesson somewhere in there and in this case for the cat returns was believing in yourself and knowing you will find your way in life. The magic that comes from the movie, characters and animation just really draws you in and is a movie to suit all ages.

I highly recommend giving this movie a go magic and talking animals what more could you ask for !!! ♥♥

Link to Movie

Hope you enjoyed my review
Please comment below if you have seen this already, would love to know your thoughts
I will be reviewing many more anime movies 🙂



  1. I really enjoyed this review! This movie is so underrated, and it’s nice to see someone talk about it and give it proper recognition. It’s not my favorite Ghibli movie, but it’s packed to the brim with wit and laughs and cats!!! I couldn’t help but marvel at all of its charm. The Cat Returns is one of those movies that just makes me feel happy and brings a smile to my face. Like you said, it’s full of a magic that really draws you in.
    Thanks again for the review!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not my favourite Ghibli film but enjoyed reading your review. For me, I enjoyed the beginning of this one before the main character goes into the fantasy world. Maybe because I’ve been to Japan and got nostalgic for the scenes of a Japanese city. I did love the ending though too – they way Haru transformed into a more mature character was an uplifting way to end.

    Liked by 1 person

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