What’s Happening With My Blog :)

Ughhhhh so I feel like I should do a brief in with what’s happening with this blog ^__^
I am pretty much in love with wordpress I can’t get over how easy it is to use better than google blogger x.x
This was me half the time using google blogger:

Anyway as for a posting schedule I decided I don’t really need one lol I know I am hoing to post pretty much every week. I’ll at least be able to write up a new review every week or 2 as the next four weeks for me are a bit busy with starting a new course on monday x.x

Where I am at with anime, I am watching Utawarerumono currently it’s an old anime but very interesting most likely will be my next proper review. For newest anime I am watching from the winterfall season 2015. I only have two that interest me which is Kamisama Kiss Season 2 and Fafner dead aggressor exodus.
For anime I watch regularly currently is sailor moon crystal and fairytail 😀 But I am kinda behind on fairytail a bit, I know I’ll be able to catch up this sunday when I head off to the library for me time ^___^ Nyaaa I love the library a lot only time I can get away from my loud home, But don’t we all have that. lol

I am pretty overwhelmed with people I have connected with already and feels so nice to read other people’s anime stuff. I look on a daily basis now so much more productive for me than facebook (which I am not a total addict btw)

Noooo Miku !!!!

On the weekend I’ll have a mini review I wish to do and should write that up on saturday 🙂
See you then !!


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