Lita Kino’s Top 10 Close To My Heart Anime


Woho *does dance*
I thought it was time to do a top something since the page I created for it is bare.
This list below is just of my favourite anime I love but these ones hold a special place in my heart ♥
They are in no particular order either I ♥ these all the same !!
Most likely at somepoint they all will be reviewed by me 🙂

1. Angelic Layer

The Basis of this anime revolves around a girl Miskai who gets into a sport known as angelic layer where they use dolls to battle each other using the power of the brain waves to control the dolls.
This was the first official anime I ever watched back when I had just started getting into anime. It really is just a loveable series. It is great for all ages and just love the whole concept of the story about a girl who continues to her best no matter what. It’s a beautiful anime about growing up and being yourself.

2. Full Metal Panic

The basis of this story revolves around a cadet soilder Sosuke Sagara who’s mission is to guard a girl Kaname chidori as she may be kidnapped. Trying to adjust to japanese life and guarding here turns out not to be so easy lol This is one of the most crazy, hiliarious series that still makes me laugh enough to fall off my chair to this day. I love all the characters they are so unique in their own way and it’s a great anime to have a laugh with. Also has two more series that just kick ass as well.

3. Sailor Moon

I would be lying to myself if I didn’t include this one because come on.. who hasn’t seen this. I know I don’t really need to explain the story for this one but the basis of the story revolves around Serena your typical air head who thinks of nothing but boys, food and shopping. Her life is turned upside down when she meets Luna the cat who tells her she is the info mus Sailor Moon Guarding Of Justice and Love who fights evil. This show has always been dear to me but I only ever saw snippets of it on TV I finally got the chance to watch the whole series a few years ago. I love the show more than ever before great for all ages.
(Sailor Jupiter is my favorite) >//////<

4. Ghost Hunt

The basis of the story Mai loves telling a good ghost story and somehow accidentally breaks some expensive equipment that belongs to ghost hunter Naru. Now Mai owes him and ends up joining up with Naru and his company Shibyuya Physic research to hunt some ghosts and pay off her debt. I remember I bought this anime on the spur of the moment and instantly became one of my favorite supernatural animes. I love all the ghost stories they tell in the whole anime, sooo many twists and I find Mai and Naru hilarious throught the whole anime. It’s a great ghost anime flick. 

5. Hiiro no Kakera

The story basis around Tamaki who’s family runs a shrine and a great legend she is told she is the next Tamoyuri princess and has five guardians who are sworn to protect her until she forfills her role. I had a friend get me into this anime, at first I wasn’t into it as at the start it was slow but instantly fell in with the story and characters as the story got in more depth. It’s where I fell in love with one of my one true pairings Tamaki and Takuma. Great story, beautiful love story ♥

6. Fairytail

The story basis around a girl Lucy Heartfilla who has runaway from her rich life and trying to find her way when she happens to come upon a Dragon slayer Natsu who ends up saving her in the first episode. Lucy ends up joining Natu’s guild known as Fairytail and going on many adventures. I had never got into a mainstream anime until this came along, my god I cannot get enough of this show. It has made me cry, laugh and feel so happy it really is a magical show with some amazing loveable ♥ It really is my third favorite anime ♥

7. Munto Tv

The story basis is revolved around a girl Yumemi Hidaka ever since she was little she was able to see these floating islands in the sky but she always pretended to ignore they were there. One fateful she meets a strange boy known as Munto he is the king of the heavens and asks Yumemi for her help as to his people she is known as the girl of destiny who will save his world and her own. This is a very unknown anime and I came across it when I was scrolling through youtube and for the past 3 years I have been so obsessed with it. Everything about this anime, music, characters and animation is something so enchanting. It it is my second favorite anime ever ♥

8. Escaflowne

The story basis is revolved around Hitomi who on a fateful day meets Van king of Fanelia where they are both transported to his home world Gaea. she quickly becomes embroiled in the conflicts between the Zaibach Empire and the several peaceful countries that surround it. Together with Van and the legendary mecha machine Escaflowne they fight a war a bloody war. I love old animes and this is my favorite of all old anime. I love story of this anime soo much and it just really touched me this anime in so many ways. Especially the relationship between Hitomi and Van ♥

9. Inyuasha

The story revolves around a young girl Kagome Higurashi who one day is dragged down into the well of the higurashi shrine her family fun by a demon who is after something known as the shikon jewel. There she is taken to a world known as the fedual area and she comes upon a half demon entrapped by a enchanted arrow, Kagome breaks that spell and awakes Inuyasha. He is not as nice as pie he is just a hot head and know it all. Together with their friends they go on a journey to collect the shards of the shikon jewel scattered throughout. This was the second anime I ever watched and I just love everything about this anime. I love how long this anime is and I have watched this series at least 10 times over haha lol ♥

Lucky Last 10. Final Fantasy Unlimited


The story resolves around a pair of twins Ai and Yu Hayakawa who travel to a world known as wonderland in search of their missing parents who never returned home. This is a parallel world and everything is not as it seems, anything is possible in wonderland. Ai and Yu meet along the way people caught up in the wonderland chaos. This is the only final fantasy anything I love this anime is so underated and I don’t see why it is. It is really is a unique anime and is one of the many reasons I fell in love with it. The whole concept of the story, plot and characters just came together beautifully I can never get enough of this show ♥

Well there is my top 10 favorite close to my heart anime well some of many 🙂
Please comment below if you love or have seen any of the following animes, I would love to know
Thanks for reading ♥


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