Blue Spring Ride Anime Review:

blue spring ride

Anime: Ao Haru Ride/Blue Spring Ride
Published: 8 July 201423 September 2014
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 12

Hello Everybody !!
Welcome to my first anime review yay ^_^
It was hard to decide what anime I wanted to first full anime review I decided to go with a more recent one I watched last November which is Blue Spring Ride.

Blue spring ride aka Ao Haru Ride is your typical romance/school life kinda anime which came out in the newly summer 2014 animes. It’s a 12 episode adaption based off the manga which is still on going. This one was recommended to me by a friend and I am a sucker for romance anime one of my favorite genres to watch 



Meet Fubabta Yoshioka a girl who wants to reset her life but feels she can’t. In junior high girls would tease her for having so many boys like her. They didn’t know she only liked one guy Kou Tanaka. Before she could tell him how she felt he moved away. Now she’s in highschool and has completely become determinate to be as unlady like with
her new friends so she they won’t become jealous of her. While keeping up this pretend behind unexpectedly she meets Kou again but he’s not the same as he use to be. His name now is Kou Mabuchi and has a quite cold attitude. He admits to her that back in junior high he did like her but not now as he feels differently about her.

Now somewhere along the way she begins open up, change as a person and experience new things. 

My Thoughts 

Throughout watching this whole anime I was up and down about it all. I really enjoyed the beginning and middle part of the anime but the last three episode it was dragged out slowly and I didn’t like how it ended. The ending definitely indicated that was soo going to be a season 2 there better be >.<.

I loved the animation style very much always a big factor for me. I think with all the animation styles we have out there shows us where it grew from since the early 1999’s animation. Not to say I don’t love that kind of animation because I freaking do :).

Fubata and Kou’s relationship just plucked at

my heart strings. They had soo many cute scenes and it was clear they were both growing together. There was a lot of ache I felt for Fubata of how one minute he was so considerate then next she is his personal entertainment. Fubata and Kou reminded me of another couple of how they acted Misaka and Usui from Maid Sama .

One scene I loved between them that made me well and truly cry is episode 11 where completely tries to cuts everything off and Fubata runs after him. It’s finally there and then he opens up to her finally. The scene was just beautiful only way to described it for both of them ♥

Even if in the end they never become a couple yet.

I know they’re will be a season 2 and pretty sure something will happen it just leaves in anticipation the ending because you want to know what’s going to happen next. 

Every romance anime has to have some sort of love triangle, The love triangle between mainly Fubata and her new friend Yuri Makita as they had both fallen for the same guy Kou. (he’s a lucky guy pitty he was a bit dumb to know)  Yuri was your typical shy, cutesy girl but I fell in love with from the moment I saw her. I loved Fubata and Yuri’s friendship they both had been through the same thing of girls saying because they’re so cute all the boys like them. Yuri put up with all the drama as she was even though she had no friends. She didn’t deny her cuteness or who she was, I really felt for her then and there. When the love triangle came in I was like O….O nooooo someone will get hurt. Of course it was Yuri I mean look at her here……. *cries*

Poor Yuuri !!!!! 😦

I loved the take on Kou’s character I just found him hilarious and of course I thought his shyness was sooo adorable >////<.  This scene was so adorable when this was a flash back  (can’t remember what episode) and his brother Tamaka looked over and saw he had written Futaba’s name on this notebook. It’s towards the end of the anime that you really get to see that shyness appear again truly but I won’t tell you when 😉 

Favorite Character Of Anime 

My favorite character over all of this anime goes to “Fubata”. One thing I loved was watching Fubata grow as the person she wanted to be, starting out tomboy to freely feminine girl. I don’t know how you can not love her. She reminded me of myself of when I finally I was able to be the person I had wanted to be all along inside of me.  

Overall Rating 

 I give blue spring ride a 8/10, I would love have to give it a 10 but I didn’t like the ending  and the last three episodes were dragged out a lot. Over all I really did love this anime ♥
So if you like Romance/school life anime then I recommend checking this one out certainly. Here is a quick link for you to watch this anime. I always stream my anime on animejoy, but you can use any site you want there are millions out there.

Link to watch this anime

Hope you enjoyed my review !!!


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