Up and running hehe

bamboo blade kirino super happy



Wohooo first post !!! 
Hello there 
I am so excited to have this blog finally up and running.
I originally was using Gblogger since october but I couldn’t stand the layout and trying to move images where you want on that thing is a freaking night mare my god x.x 
So I decided to use wordpress as I have heard nothing but good things about this side so far it has impressed me 
I cannot wait to get stuck into some good reviews.  I was doing reviews on my other blog but they layout I want them to appear as never quite worked out the way I wanted so yeh… >.>
Best to start fresh and hopefully I will have my first review up by tomorrow XD 

I haven’t worked out a review schedule yet but I surely will and still getting the hang of using this site lol 

That’s all for now